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The “But What Do I Know?” Podcast is a 2X Award Nominated Self-Improvement and Education platform and an ode to the way in which Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, especially Women of Colour often use the phrase in a way that reduces and diminishes their light. 


However, no longer are they hiding behind the phrase "But What Do I Know?". In this space, they are confirming their knowledge, sharing their experiences, and learning from themselves as well as each other. 


This is a podcast and community where "But What Do I Know Moments" are explored, in hopes that it helps you overcome yours. Join host, Chid Suzan and guests on a journey of self-discovery and improvement as well as overcoming self-doubt through affirming, learning and healing. 

About The Host

Chidinma "Chid Suzan" Azubuike is an Urban Planner and Podcaster/Content Creator that is merging her love for Community Building/Development and her passion for writing and public speaking.

Chid is utilizing podcasting as a medium to refine her public speaking skills as well as providing a growing platform to speak about varying topics including everything from urban issues, social justice to health and wellness.  

As a Podcaster/Content Creator, Chid created The But What Do I Know Podcast as an ode to the way in which People of Colour, especially Women of Colour often diminish their own knowledge and experiences in spaces where they may not feel completely affirmed and encouraged. So therefore, in this space, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) no longer hiding behind the phrase "But What Do I Know?" but rather they are confirming their knowledge and sharing their experiences. Chid is currently the Founder, Host and Editor for the podcast content and subject matter. 

In addition to this, when Chid isn't working on city related projects or podcasting, she continues to carry out research and practice community engagement by being part of organizations such as My Sister’s Kee(peer) (a social enterprise based in the GTA) that focus on serving, uplifting and empowering young people and specifically women in the Greater Toronto Area.

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