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About The Podcast

The But What Do I Know?™ Podcast is an Award Winning Self-Improvement and Education platform curated to answer your life questions as well as leave you feeling hopeful and "ready to do the work". 


Join your host Chidinma Azubuike every other Wednesday to “Clue In” to the latest in current affairs, from relevant news to music releases as well as curated recommendations. Following this, Chidinma is sure to be joined by a guest for "Main Segment" conversations intended for deeper reflection and self-discovery.


Whether it is getting your finances together, prioritizing wellness or navigating broken relationships, Chidinma and her guests are seeking the answers for those life moments that make you say "damn...But What Do I Know?". 

About The Host

Chidinma Azubuike is an Urban Planner as well as Founder of the But What Do I Know?™ Podcast. Through both careers, she is merging her love for Community Building/Development and her passion for storytelling and facilitating conversations.

As a Podcaster, Chidinma created the But What Do I Know?™ Podcast to be a community where BIPOC individuals can feel affirmed, listen to uplifting conversations not often heard in the mainstream and receive information and tools to help overcome those life moments that make them say "damn..But What Do I Know?". Chidinma is currently the Founder, Host and Editor for the podcast content and subject matter.

In addition to this, when Chidinma isn't working on city related projects or podcasting, she enjoys watching TV shows from Insecure to Run the World that follow the lives and journeys of Black women as well as discovering new R&B and Afrobeats music. 

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